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Algosim 3

Algosim displaying the butterfly curve, a matrix determinant, and currently computing the distribution of first digits in a random list of numbers (to be displayed in a bar chart).I have published the first version of my new mathematical software Algosim 3.

With more than 800 functions and 70 operators, including more than 320 mathematical functions, Algosim is a general-purpose mathematical software application and scripting language that lets you perform computations on numbers, vectors, matrices, images, sounds, and more.

While Algosim’s syntax is designed to closely mimic the notation used in ordinary mathematics to make it easy to learn and aesthetically pleasing, with functions as first-class objects and a comprehensive set of list-manipulation functions, it is also a fairly powerful language for list-based computations.

Algosim supports many aspects of 2D visualisation and can additionally visualise data as pixmap images, sounds, and MIDI music.

More than 40 000 automatic tests (close to 500 000 after parameterisation) are used to assert the correctness of the software and with a manual in almost 1000 pages, it should be relatively easy to get to know the application.

I have created a web site for the application, algosim.org, and published the complete source code there.

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