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The Phantom of the Opera: Different performers

The 2004 film adaptation served as my introduction to Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera. Discovering this was to some extent a life-changing experience for me. Not only could I relate to the despair felt by Erik in a very profound way, but the overwhelming beauty of the music and aesthetics also opened a completely new door for me. Indeed, I have described the film (or, more accurately, the musical) as “[t]he most beautiful, true, and emotionally intense piece of art ever created by mankind”.

Naturally, I will always compare POTO performances to this one by Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum. And for many years, I felt that no other duo could do the musical justice.

But then I discovered a version by Iranian-Canadian actor and singer Ramin Karimloo and American actress and singer Sierra Boggess, and that one really blew my mind. Their performance of The Point of No Return remains the most powerful version I have heard to this date.

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