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Final patterns of cellular automata, part 3

Today we consider the final patterns (or ash) created by Game of Life itself (B3/S23). After trying a few times, I managed to produce a random initial 50% soup creating an ash containing instances of all of the three most common oscillators:

Ashes of Game of Life including blinkers, toads, and a beacon.

The final stage contains 71 blinkers (including ten traffic lights), two toads, and one beacon; these are the most common oscillators found in B3/S23 ash, in this order. As still lifes are concerned, we obtained 78 blocks, 47 beehives (including three honey farms), 17 loafs (but no bakery), seven boats, one tub, two ponds, and two ships (but no fleet).

After trying many more initial soups, I also managed to find one producing a pulsar in the end. The pulsar is the fourth most common oscillator.

Ash of Game of Life containing a pulsar.

This ash contains 96 blinkers (including eight traffic lights), one toad, no beacons, and one pulsar. The still lifes obtained were 98 blocks, 45 beehives (including one honey farm), 15 loafs (but no bakery), 13 boats, two tubs, three ponds, no ships (so obviously no fleet), and one barge.

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