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Final patterns of cellular automata, part 2

Today, we continue to investigate the final or near-final stages of various life-like cellular automata. We begin with B5678/S023456 which represents a “class” of rules creating patterns that resemble lung tissue:

Black thin curves divide the white bitmap background into many densely-packed round spaces, like small airways and alveoli. Some smaller spaces are partly red (like capillaries).

Many rules create ashes consisting of small black (stationary) objects. One example, B578/S024567, creates (microscopic) “worms” and debris:

B568/S4567 creates other kinds of microscopic creatures, but no debris:

B4567/S567 creates opsonized bacteria:

B378/S01235678 creates small islands of maze-like structures on a black background:

Finally, B278/S1456780 creates white lakes with red fish on a black background:

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