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The “coagulations” cellular automaton

The life-like cellular automaton B378/S235678 is known as “Coagulations”. This automaton creates rather visually pleasing patterns. Below the simulation has been run for a few hundred generations on a 800×500 square grid with the torus topology and a 50 % soup as the initial state. The live cells are coloured according to their age (the number of generations they have been alive), from yellow (new live cell) to black (a few hundred generations old):

A patterned formed by the “Coagulations” cellular automaton.

If the initial soup is symmetric, the state will be symmetric for all future generations:

A patterned formed by the “Coagulations” cellular automaton.

To get a feeling for the dynamics of this CA, you may want to view an animation of the simulation from an initial soup or an initial small, central pattern. In these animations, only the first ten generations of a live cell are coloured.

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