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Web design: Document lists

Below I give a screenshot of a document list on this site; the style hasn't changed the last 10 years.

A document list rendered using the markup below

The associated markup is (here I use the third item as the example)

<!-- Serier -->
<table class="singleBorder limWidth">
<th class="left"><a href="dokument/serier.pdf">Numeriska serier</a> (Kategori: Matematik/Analys)</th>
<td>Skrivet: april 2014 &nbsp; Sidantal: 29</td>
<td>Författarens erfarenhet säger att momentet med numeriska serier [...]</td>

The markup is dreadful! Although the problems are obvious, here they are:

Clearly, this ancient markup had to be improved, and yesterday I changed it to

<ul class="documentList">


<h2><a href="dokument/serier.pdf">Numeriska serier</a></h2>
<dl class="metadata">
<dd><time datetime="2014-04">april 2014</time></dd>
<div class="itemDescription">
Författarens erfarenhet säger att momentet med numeriska serier [...]



This is, obviously, a major improvement; now the mark up is essentially perfect. The associated style and browser rendering are shown below.

/* Document lists */

ul.documentList {
margin: 2em 0em;
padding: 0;
ul.documentList li {
transition: background 250ms, border 250ms;
list-style-type: none;
margin: 2em 0em;
border-left: 2ex solid #CCC;
padding: 4px 2ex;
background: #EEE;
ul.documentList li:hover {
border-color: #AEAD71;
background: #CFCFAC;
ul.documentList li h2 {
margin-top: 0;
body:lang(sv) ul.documentList li:lang(en) h2:after {
body:lang(en) ul.documentList li:lang(sv) h2:after {
ul.documentList li dl, ul.documentList li div {
margin-top: 1em !important;
ul.documentList li h2 a {
color: black !important;
text-decoration: none;
ul.documentList li:hover h2 a {
text-decoration: underline;

A document list, rendered using the above (new) markup and style

Initially, my plan was to recreate the original style, but halfway through the process of writing the CSS I discovered that the current partial result actually looked better than the original design, so I decided to divert from my plan; instead, I added some visual candy to the intermediate result. The end result looks much more modern and clean.

Unfortunately, there appears to be a ‘bug’ in IE 6 and below which creates a ‘staircase’ going into the left margin of the page; see a minimal example demonstrating the issue. I ‘solved’ the issue by adding an IE 6-and-below stylesheet with

ul.documentList li {
padding: 0px; /* To work around an IE 6 bug */

Update (2014-11-17 19:28:42): I changed padding: 0px to boder: none. Both make the staircase disappear and the padding is more important than the border.

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