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Svar: Hi

Tillbaka till originalmeddelandet.

Hi Maria,

Thank you for your message. I am so happy to hear from you again.

Of course you haven't bothered me in any way. I actually tried to send you a letter on September 11, but it seems it could not be delivered. (At least I received an immediate notification telling me that.) I assumed you had stopped using your old email address. Now I suspect you haven't and I don't fully understand why the letters couldn't be delivered.

Thank you for your kind words. The last couple of months I have been spending most of my spare time at the restaurant. (I have been a regular there for a few years now. On working days I go there for dinner after work, and on non-working days I go there both for lunch and supper. Typically I stay for many hours.) As you might imagine, I have gotten to know the staff very well by now; they are almost like family to me. Since I have very few friends, this means a lot to me. Without this restaurant, I'd spend essentially all my non-working hours alone at home, which likely wouldn't be good for me at all. (Far too much time to dwell on broken dreams and on how much everyone at Linköping University despises me.)

Very recently, I have also started singing. I see a voice teacher roughly once a week. This might also have a therapeutic effect. And, since I now have very slim chances of ever becoming a math teacher, physician, or commercial pilot in Sweden – the things I always dreamt about – I do need to find other things to do in life.

There will likely be a trial soon. I don't think I am strong enough to meet LiU officials in court, watching them telling everyone what a despicable and dangerous human being I am, but it would seem I have little choice.

Andreas Rejbrand